Integrated Photonics 

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Lecture 1 - Introduction

Lecture 1(Record) - Part1  Part2

Lecture 2 - Optical waveguide modes

Lecture 2(Record)Part1  Part2   Part3

Supplementary reading

Lecture 3 - Index control technologies

Lecture 3(Records)Part1  Part2  Part3 Part4  Part5  Part6

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Lecture 4 - Channel waveguide Part1  Part2  Part3 

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Lecture 5 - Losses in optical waveguides  Part1  Part2  Part3 

Lecture 6 - Composite plasmonic waveguides  Part1  Part2  Part3

Supplementary reading

Parity-Time Symmetry in Coupled waveguides by FyodorMorozko Part1  Part2 

Rogue Waves in Optics and Photonics by Roza Novitskaya Part1 Part2

Directional Couplers for Sensing Applications by Adi Paz Part1 Part2

Near field optical microscopy for integrated photonics by Ankit Chauhan Part1 Part2

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“When asked, many well-trained scientists and engineers will say that they understand what a mode is, but will be unable to define the idea of modes and will also be unable to remember where they learned the idea!”