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Integrated Photonics 

Course: 377.2.5599 


🗎 Syllabus



🗎 Scientific Writing

🗎 Presentation

🗎 Final Exam



🗎 Lecture 1 - Introduction

🗎 Lecture 2 - Optical waveguide modes

🗎 Supplementary reading

🗎 Lecture 3 - Index control technologies

🗎 Supplementary reading

🗎 Lecture 4 - Channel waveguide 

🗎 Supplementary reading

🗎 Lecture 5 - Losses in optical waveguides 

🗎 Lecture 6 - Composite plasmonic waveguides 

🗎 Supplementary reading

🗎 Parity-Time Symmetry in Coupled waveguides by FyodorMorozko

🗎 Rogue Waves in Optics and Photonics by Roza Novitskaya

🗎 Directional Couplers for Sensing Applications by Adi Paz

🗎 Near field optical microscopy for integrated photonics by Ankit Chauhan 

Link for the lectures videos

“When asked, many well-trained scientists and engineers will say that they understand what a mode is, but will be unable to define the idea of modes and will also be unable to remember where they learned the idea!”

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