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Prof. Alina Karabchevsky

Prof. Karabcehvsky is the Group leader of the Light-on-a-Chip at the Department of Electrooptics and Photonics Engineering at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at BGU. She is leading the Integrated Photonics track at School of ECE.

Email: alinak at bgu dot ac dot il


Aviad KAtiyi.png

Dr Aviad Katityi graduated from Light-on-a-Chip group with MSc and PhD in 2017 and 2021 respectively. Aviad is an expert in guided-wave optics. 

His main interests lie in the areas of molecular vibrations with guided-wave optics. His thesis is entitled: 'Optical waveguides for sensing applications'.

MSc seminar at EOE Unit


Email: akatiyi at gmail dot ac dot com 

PhD Students


Mrs. Maya Shor Peled


Maya obtained her BSc in Material Science Engineering in 2017 from the BGU and MSc from Sde Boqer Campus at BGU under the supervision of Dr Avi Niv. In 2020 Maya joined the Light-on-a-Chip group of Photonics and Electro-Optics Engineering at the School of ECE at Ben-Gurion University as a Ph.D. student supervised by Prof. Alina Karabcehvsky. Her thesis entitled: 'Thermo-Optomechanically driven ‘nano-torches' as a new technique for investigating fundamental biological mechanisms via optical tracking'.

Email: shormaya at post dot bgu dot  il

Roza Navitskaya.png

Roza Navitskaya obtained her BSc and MSc degrees in Physics from the Belarusian State University in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Her research interests are in laser physics and nonlinear optics. In 2020 Roza joined the Light-on-a-Chip group of Photonics and Electro-Optics Engineering Department at Ben-Gurion University as a Ph.D. student jointly supervised by Ihar Stashkevitch (BSU) and Stanislav Derevyanko (BGU). Her PhD thesis is entitled: "Rogue waves in laser dissipative systems".


Anastasia Novikova received BSc degree in Environmental protection at the Tomsk Polytechnic University in 2014, a master's degree in Biotechnological Engineering at the Tomsk Polytechnic University in 2016. She was awarded with Tomsk University student's award to visit the Light-on-a-Chip group at 2019. at 2020, Anastasia was accepted as a PhD student at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at BGU. Her research interests are in nanoparticles, sorbents, composite sorbents, water purification, heavy metals, radionuclides. Her thesis is entitled "Optical waveguides for applications in label-free chemical and biological sensors "

Email: furia dot 08 at mail dot ru


Uzziel Sheintop obtained his MSc from Hebrew University of Jerusalem on high-power lasers. Since then, Uzziel worked as Electrooptics engineer in Emmerson company. He joined Light-on-a-Chip group at Ben-Gurion University at 2021 to pursue his PhD studies. His PhD thesis is entitled: 'Development evanescent sensors for detection in gas states'.

Email: Uzziel dot Sheintop at Emmerson dot com


Mr. Fyodor Morozko


Fyodor Morozko obtained his BSc and MSc degrees in Physics from the Belarusian State University in 2018 and 2019 respectively. His research interests are in non-Hermitian and Parity-Time symmetric systems and optics in complex media. In 2020 Fyodor joined the Light-on-a-Chip group of Photonics and Electro-Optics Engineering Department at Ben-Gurion University as a Ph.D. student jointly supervised by Andrey Novitsky (BSU). His PhD thesis is entitled: "Modeling of the spontaneous emission rate and energy transfer in photonic parity-time-symmetric systems".

Email: fyodormorozko95 at gmail dot com

MSc Students

Adir Hazan.webp

Adir graduated from Electrical and Computer Engineering, Shamoon College of Engineering at 2019. During his BSc he performed his engineering project entitled: ‘SPR sensors in wavelength interrogation’ at Light-on-a-Chip group. Adir pursued his studies at  Light-on-a-Chip group. Currently he is a MSc student working on light-matter interaction in weak and strong coupling regimes.His working on a project entitled: 'Controling light with waveguides for All-optical computing applications'.

BSc final project

Email: adirrhazan at gmail dot com

Ahmad Morad.PNG

Ahmad Murad obtained her BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva in 2022 and continued with MSc studies. His main interests lie in the areas of on-chip devices, specifically "On-chip weights realization in optical neural networks"

Email: ahmadmur at post dot bgu dot ac dot il

BSc Project Students for 2022-2023 academic year


Daniel Mednikov,
Vova Kostetsky,
Kareem Abedelrahman Dagash,
Shadad Watad,
Ameer Naser,
Uriel Manzur,
Lea Zamansky,
Idan Dahari,
Yadin Astivker,
Alex Dobrovolsky,
Eyal Rozenwald

Projects are focused on novel devices and device automation and optimization in fields of Solar energy, Neural networks on a chip, Spectrosocpy on a chip.

Former Group Members

Ms. Adir Hazan, MSc 2019-2022
Mr. Lev Tsapovsky PhD 2021-2022
Ms. Tal Elbaz, MSc 2018-2021 
Mr. Lior Salmona, BSc project 2021-2022
Mr. Muhammad Hamdan, BSc project 2021-2022
Mr. Tom Shimony, BSc project 2020-2021
Mr. Tal Alterman, BSc project 2020-2021
Mr. Ori Sheinfeld, BSc project 2020-2021
Ms. Eden Levy, BSc project 2020-2021
Mr. Benny Hadad, Technician, 2015-2020, 
Currently  Engineer at Physics Department at BGU
Mrs. Angeleene Ang, PhD 2017-2020
Mr. Daler Dadadzhanov, PhD 2016-2020, Currently Research Assistant at ITMO University, Russian Federation
Mr. Marat Spector, Post-doc July-Oct 2020, Technician 2019-2020
Mr. Pavel Terekhov, PhD 2016-2020 Seminar at EOE Unit 2019, Currently post-doc at Penn State University, USA
Mr. Adir Hazan, BSc project 2017-2019 
BSc final project
Mr. Yaakov Keren, BSc project 2017-2019 
Dr. Ioseph Gurwich, Technician 2018-2019
Mr. Michael Elman, BSc project 2017-2019 
Mr. Kobi Harush, BSc project 2017-2019 
Ms. Yarden Tzabari, BSc project 2017-2019
Mr. Yakov Greenberg, MSc 2016-2019 Thesis
Mr. Nikita Volskii, visiting student 2016-2018
Mr. Vladislav Samishkin, visiting student 2017-2018
Mrs. Anar Ospanova, visiting student 2017
Mr. Yury Artemyev, visiting student 2016-2018
Mr. Aviad Katiyi, MSc 2015-2017, Currently Research Assistant at Light-on-a-Chip group
Mr. Avi Lerner, Technician, 2016-2017

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