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Visiting Guest Immediate ex-SPIE president DR. ROBERT A. LIEBERMAN

DR. ROBERT A. LIEBERMAN visited Lab-on-a-Chip group.

His SPIE Involvement: | Board of Directors | Corporate and Exhibitor Committee | Engineering, Science, and Technology Policy Committee | Executive Committee | Financial Advisory Committee | Nominating Committee | Strategic Planning Committee | Symposia Committee | Fellow status | Symposium Committee | Conference Program Committee | Conference Chair | Symposium Chair | Track Chair | Editor | Author | Instructor

His Area of Expertise: Technology Management, Spectroscopy/chemical detection, Optical Sensing and Monitoring, Biophysics/biosensors

From left to right: Daler Dadadzhaniv, Pavel Terekhov, Yuriy Artemyev, Yakov Galutin, Nikita Volskyy, Aviad Katiyi, Vlad Samyshkin, Dr Robert Lieberman, Angeelene (Zemmy) Ang, Dr Alina Karabchevsky.

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