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Seminar of Ivan Stenishchev

Ivan, our guest from the lab of Dr. Alexey Basharin (MiSIS, Moscow) is visiting us for the whole July! Ivan has presented the seminar entitled: 'Toroidal dipole moment in all-dielectric structures, cylinders and perforated slabs'.


We experimentally demonstrate for the first time the toroidal dipolar response in metamaterials based on clusters of cylindrical dielectric particles in microwave frequency range. Instead of expensive ceramic elements we used distilled water with permittivity at room temperature is about 75, while the dielectric loss tangent is not large at frequencies up to 4 GHz. Moreover, we show all-dielectric metamaterial consisting of water box with hollow tubes which is more practical for future applications. Our findings also demonstrate that the proposed ideas can be applicable in optics with low-index dielectrics.

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