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Paper accepted: Resonant forward scattering of light by high refractive-index dielectric nanoparticl

Congratulations to PhD student Pavel Terekhov!

In the Letter, the Kerker-type effect in high-index dielectric nanoparticles for which the third order multipoles give a considerable contribution to the light scattering process is theoretically explored. It is shown that the Kerker-type effect (strong suppression of the backward light scattering and, simultaneously,resonant forward light scattering) can be associated with the resonant excitation of toroidal dipole momen tin the system. This effect is realized due to the interference of the scattered waves generated by electric, magnetic and toroidal dipole moments of high-index nanoparticles.

The Figure shows a cylindrical particle, irradiated by a plane wave, which propagates along the particle’s axis. k is the wave vector, E is the electric field, H is the magnetic field, D_c and H are the diameter and the height of the cylinder respectively.

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