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We are hiring

Subject: Reservoir computing, Artificial intelligence on-a-chip

Description: 2 PhD scholarships are offered

Required background: strong background in physics, photonics, electrooptics.

Prefer background: AI search/planning algorithms, construction of experimental set-ups.

Skills: Programming skills


Keywords integrated photonics, physical computing, electro-optic modulators, inverse design

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Projects overview:

  1. In Project 1 we aim at the development of Inverse-design of integrated electro-optic modulators for energy-efficient photonic neuromorphic computing.

  2. In Project 2, we aim at the development of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based predictive model as a tool for climate change mitigation which will receive data from local chip-scale sensors alerting on gas pollutant dispersion in air of greenhouse gases Methane, Nitrous oxide and agricultural Ammonia - critical gases among the major indicators of air pollution causing the global heating effects.


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