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Open day at BGU: meeting with female candidates

During the open day we organised an engaging meeting with female candidates applying for the BSc studies at BGU.

Among the participants: Dr Tammy Riklin Raviv, Dr Alina Karabchevsky and the PhD students among them: Angeleene Ang and Anastasia Novikova (supervisor Dr Alina Karabchevsky), Shiran (supervisor Prof Rafi Shikler), Natali Lang (supervisor Prof Yossi Francis), Yael Ben Gigi and Mor Avi Aharon (supervisor Dr Tammy Riklin Raviv), MSc graduate Larisa Korket. All, shared their experience as female scientists at School of ECE with the aim to engage the young ladies to join the ECE department @BGU. The meeting was coordinated by the Head of the School of ECE@BGU Prof Joseph Tabrikian. We hope that the outstanding candidates among the young ladies will choose the ECE department @BGU and wish them best of luck with their endeavor!

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