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Light-on-a-Chip group presented at Weizmann conference

Light on-a-Chip group members Aviad Katiyi, Angeelene Ang, Pavel Terekhov, Yuriy Artemyev, Nikita Volsky, Daler Dadadzhanov, Vlad Samyshkin presented their recent results as posters at the conference named: 'When Light Meets Matter Celebrating Yehiam Prior's first 70 Years'.

From left to right: Angeleene Ang, Daler Dadadzhanov, Dr Alina Karabchevsky, Nikita Volsky, Vlad Samyshlin.

Dr. Iosif Gurewiz discuss with Mr Daler Dadadzhanov his poster.

Nikita Volsky discusses his research with the conference members.

Pavel Terekhov.

Aviad Katiyi.

Yuriy Artemyev.

Yuriy Artemyev discusses his results with Prof Mark Stockman (Georgia State University, USA)

Vlas Samyshkin.

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