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The Ben-Gurion University Electrooptical Engineering Unit Light-on-a-Chip Group receives funding to

The Ben-Gurion University Electrooptical Engineering Unit Light-on-a-Chip group has been awarded funding to develop much-needed all-dielectric anti-reflective metasurfaces for the photonics industry.

Dr Alina Karabchevsky, the leader of the Light-on-a-Chip Group won the 880,000 NIS ($260,000) in funding from the Israel Innovation Authority for Trade and Labor Kamin 2YRS programme, which supports the Industrial Strategy through engineered development. It will enable the Light-on-a-Chip group to focus on addressing the harmfull anti-reflection problems in field of photonics –based on the science and technology of light. In particular, the Light-on-a-Chip group will link with partners from industry to develop the toolbox associated with the design and fabrication of photonics metasurfaces based on advanced all-dielectric materials.

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